Bars Stop Selling the Moscow Mule,Copper Mugs theft rise

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Copper Mug theft are out of control

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The Mule is probably the most famous Vodka drink at many cocktail bars. But offering this traditional cocktail is getting a little challenging for some bars and restaurants. The trouble they are forced to face is this awkward situation: Customers are swiping those costly copper mugs for Moscow Mule. This is not some individual case it is more like some country wide trend.

The Rob Roy cocktail bar in Seattle made a decision that Moscow Mule could only be provided in its customary cup at the bar, not for tables. IDs or credit cards are demanded in other restaurants and bars when an order of Mule is placed. Drink, a Knoxville, Tenn., wine and cocktail bar, had to momentarily cease covering the Moscow Mules. The Knoxville bar has lost all its mugs within two months serving this cocktail. Now they cannot afford to lose more.

Mule mug theft is paralleling along with the drink’s popularity, due to even more individuals become intrigued in possessing Mule in their own places, say bar managers and owners.

Adam Hargett the manager of the MercBar says "In Phoenix, Moscow Mule theft is epidemic". His bar sells Mule for 12 bucks. He has tried to ask for IDs as an insurance to prevent theft, but when there are many orders on a busy night it is nearly hard to follow. "Really hard to say" are normal response. "You guys missed it, not me, mine is turn back to you for a while"  That maybe true or maybe not .Eventually this will get into debate. Giving IDs back will be a wise choice.  Mr. Hargett has acknowledged the epidemic as "the cost of doing business."

This theft epidemic may slow down while weather turns to be cold. But you cannot expect it will vanish naturally. Maybe it will be back with next hot summer.

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