How to choose best copper mug for your Moscow Mule

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Copper mug quality

Things have changed a lot since I build this website in 2013. At that time you can only find just a few copper mugs online, even on, not to mention about local stores. But now there are tons of hundreds of India made copper mugs on the market. It seems like they suddenly show up at your front door over just one night. Of course it tells us how much people love this legendary Mule drink.

Sertodo_Copper_top_quality_mug On the other hand we have a new concern, the quality of copper mugs. The truth is India imported copper mugs are rather cheaper than USA made ones. If you don’t mind tarnishing, decoloration or even worse erosion of copper mug these item cost less than 20 bucks to give the cool feeling of Moscow Mule. That will be almost the same felling people felt 70 years ago, after all it is why you want a copper mug, am I right?

But if you cares more about the quality and want a fine copper mug to give a serious long companion. These are some useful tips that may help:

Copper Mug Material

Solid unlined copper mug is traditionally recommended for Moscow Mule. If you have safety concern about copper toxin a nickel lined mug maybe an alternative to compensate you. Copper plated steel should be avoid. That can be considered as a trademark for low quality copper mug.

Copper Mug Making methods

I personally recommend to every Moscow Mule lover a hand hammered solid copper mugs. Every hand hammered copper mug is unique but unfortunately most mugs are hammered by machine in India or China. The only one that will satisfy anybody is made by Sertodo Copper, a family company located in Austin, TX and Michoacan, MX. Copper mugs they made has top quality  and are more expensive than others. Each mug costs about 35 dollars, almost twice of Indian copper mugs. Their products are first available at since April 20, 2012.

tips check the Product Information for “Date first available at” can tell the first this item are on Amazon and rule out those suspicious mugs.

compare the hammering quality of hammered copper mugsImage(2)

Hammered copper mug


Mug Handles

pay more attention to the handle A solid copper mug should have a solid copper handle riveted to the wall. Brass handle is acceptable and again copper plated steel should be avoid. It has no ability to give you lips and hands the same cool felling that you want at the same time. Add content to the front page

Weight of Copper Mugs

Just remember copper is heavy metal so does a good cooper mugs. There are tons of hundreds of copper mugs on Amazon waiting for you. And they all claimed to be made of solid copper and none of them have ever mentioned the thickness of their products. How can we pick up the heavier ones that will give more pleasure. You should pay more attention to their weights. The following table is

Item Manufacturer Weight Rating
Sertodo Moscow Mule Mug, Hammered CopperSolid_Copper_Mugs_16_oz_Hammered Sertodo Copper 8.8 ounces 4.8 out of 5 stars by over 200 customers(High Price)
Set of 2 Pure Copper Mugs with CopperSet-of-2-Pure-Copper-Mugs-with-Copper Willow & Everett 14.4 ounces 5.0 out of 5 stars by over 500 customers
Moscow Copper Company – 100% Pure Copper 16 Oz Mule MugsMoscow-Copper-Company-Pure-Copper-16-Oz-Mule-Mugs Moscow Mule company 1.4pounds 4.7 out of 5 stars
Solid Copper Mugs 16 oz HammeredSertodo_Moscow_Mule_Mug_Hammered_Copper, Solid Copper Mugs 7.4 ounces 4.6 out of 5 stars by over 1000 customers
Pure Copper Solid Moscow Mule Mug 24 OuncePure-Copper-Solid-Moscow-Mule-Mug-24-Ounce Purists Only 3.2ounces 4.8 out of 5 stars
Copper Moscow Mule Mug with Brass HandleCopper-Moscow-Mule-Mug-with-Brass-Handle Avitai 3.2ounces 4.8 out of 5 stars

rating may change overtime and review number is also important to make a decision.

From the table we come to this conclusion the heavier the net weight a copper mug has the more positive rating it will get from more customers and of course the better quality it has. In fact heavier weight also matter to judge a copper mug because it related to another factor that indicate the quality of Moscow Mule mugs you get the accessories.  With solid performance across nearly the entire category, things like usability become significantly more important for differentiating between specific products.

The copper mug provide by Moscow Mule company will be is a good example. Their mugs are within a beautiful wood box, which will be very helpful to store the mug. Moscow-Copper-Company-100%-Pure-Copper-16-Oz-Mule-Mugs


And use these features will help to rule out those low quality copper mugs and find the real high quality solid copper mugs. We have already done that for you the copper mugs table on the front page are based on what said here you only need to consider about the volume and style or the painting outside to choose the right one for the incoming summer cocktail season.

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