How to make traditional and personalized Moscow Mule

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Why to Make Your Moscow Mule Different

First as a Moscow Mule addict I am very glad to announce that this fabulous cocktail is officially coming back. You can see this drink on TV shows and cocktail ads and it is listed on all menus of bars ranging from New York City to small towns in Alabama. The Moscow Mule namely a mixer of vodka, ginger beer and lime juice are popping up to Tokyo and London as well.

How to make a Moscow Mule is an easy and difficult problem at the same time. As is known to all Moscow Mule is a simple cocktail for only a few components required: vodka, ginger beer lime and a copper mug. And just a few steps needed to cock it. Pour the vodka over ice into a copper mug. Squeeze half lime over that, then top the mug with spicy ginger beer. Use another lime wedge is for garnishing if needed. All can be done within 5 minutes to get this refreshing Mule.

But things don’t simply end that way. I am an old fashion fun of the original Moscow Mule and recommend Moscow Mule to all friends and neighbors I know. My summer night Moscow Mule party is now a traditional and most welcomed activity in my community. Saying all these love for Moscow Mule does not indicate I am a stubborn person. In fact I welcome some change in taste of the Moscow Mule and know the secrets to a successful Moscow Mule are a creative imagination. So I searched all around the web to find one that will give me more energetic feeling about this "old" drink.

Moscow_Mule_recipe_variations_1 It seems there are no limitation on how to make a personal and localized Moscow Mule. Many funs of Mules are not satisfied with only the original recipe and created lots of variations of Moscow Mule. They add watermelon, strawberry, apple, blueberry, hibiscus berry and other fruits to enhance the flavor and taste of their Mules. They replace vodka with gin, bourbon and sake to present us provincialized Gin Gin Mule, Kentucky Mule and Shanghai Mule. They even add some native spices as Jalapeño or cilantro slices to create Mule that cater to taste of Mexican.

Not all of them can satisfy me. Only those who keep freshness and kickness of Moscow Mule classic recipe are entering my aiming list. For most Moscow Mule funs decide which one among all these Moscow Mule recipes you should start is the hard part at the begging of making a Moscow Mule. These following tips are my own personal experiences. And I list all recipes I gathered, including those I don’t like but maybe suit you, to help you to find your own Mule.

My personal experiences and tips

TIPS 1  How to make a wonderful fruity Moscow Mule

First don’t simply choose some commercial fruit vodka as your ingredient. Although some vodka are claimed to be full of fruit smell of apple or cherry,in fact they content no ingredient of any of them. The secret of a successful fruity Moscow Mule is fresh fruit and the tight combination of fruity smell with the original taste of Moscow Mule. There are 2 ways to archive this mission. They both can make your Moscow Mule fruity.

Fruit Infused Vodka for Moscow Mule

The first way is call vodka infusion. You submerge fruit chunks under the surface of vodka so that vodka can absorb the quintessence of fruit. Then cool it. Usually after 2-3 nights in refrigerator you get a bottle of rummy fruity vodka. That is the best and the most preferred way by myself. The progress is steady and the taste is marvelous. The vodka is light and undeniably fruity yet able-bodied and not at all sweet. With that you just simply transfer the flavor to your Moscow Mule merely nothing else changed. you can detailed instruction on wikiHow.fruit_infused_voka

Fruit syrup for Moscow Mule

Unfortunately infusion is time consuming and limited to apple, peach, pear and fruit that is chunked. For soft berries and oranges the results are not so good we have to switch to the next option. In order to make a strawberry Moscow Mule or orange Moscow Mule the best way is to make your own syrup with fresh fruits.

VIDEO Instruction for syrup making

The following YouTube video is detailed instruction about how to make fruit syrup. He choose strawberry for demonstrating how to deal with soft juicy fruit. These methods are equally practical for most soft fruits that can be added to Moscow Mule.

TIPS 2 Choose different Moscow Mule recipe for different season

Classic Moscow Mule is now a four seasons drink. It suits summer best, but it is also great to sip a cup of that in winter. That is not the same for other Moscow Mule recipes. Some fruit Moscow Mule have their own seasons. Strawberry and watermelon Moscow Mule belongs to summer. Cucumber and blueberry Moscow Mule bring us taste of spring. Apple and peach Moscow Mule are for summer. And when winter holiday season comes a hawthorn garnished Moscow Holiday Mule matches celebration atmosphere in time. Holiday_Mule_for_winter

TIPS 3  Must MOSCOW MULE Be Served Within a Copper Mug?

Most bartenders and Moscow Mule fans believe copper Moscow Mule mugs are kind of pre-requisite for  a wonderful Moscow Mule. It will give exclusive characteristic to this cocktail. The cooling taste of your tip with the copper mug is unforgettable. Unlined copper mugs are selling well on Amazon and most cocktail websites prompt copper mugs to more fans.

Chill the mugs ahead of time so they will be nice and frosty. It is amazing how long the copper stays cold! The copper mugs are ideal for enjoying any cool, refreshing drink year round. Also, it is better if everything is chilled.

This is a typical quote from

I was one of them for a long time and have a large scale of collection of copper mugs. But things have changed a little after trying more other Moscow Mule recipes. Sometimes a pre-chilled glass would be even better with those colorful fruity Moscow Mule. A Highball glass full of fruit Moscow Mule is more eye catching and pre-chilling is also great for cool felling of you lips. It brings both enjoyment of watching and tasting. If that is not your consideration then a copper mug suit most Moscow Mule well.Moscow_Mule_Without_copper_mugs

Moscow Mule recipes Collection

I have tried most Moscow Mule drink recipes listed here. As mentioned above not all of them are my own style. Some of them are too spicy, especially the chili enhanced Mexican Mule. I like the kickness of ginger but can not live along with the spicy taste of jalapeno.

Just remember creative imagination is the bases for a successful Moscow Mule and expert eye for ratios will help you go much further in that direction.

Classic Moscow Mule


2 oz. Vodka
.5 oz. Lime Juice (half lime)
Ginger Beer
1 Slice of Lime
1 sprig of mint
Instruction Pour the vodka into a copper mug or an iced glass. Squeeze the lime over the vodka, and drop the wedge into the mug. Fill the glass with the ginger beer. Garnish with lime and mint.
How It Feels Like The original refreshing kicky and lightly sweet
Recommend For Summer Autumn Spring winter

Strawberry Moscow Mule Cocktails

Strawberry Moscow Mule Cocktails

Fresh and thawed Strawberries,
4 ounces Vodka
2 tablespoons Lime Juice
1 bottle Ginger Beer
10 Basil Leaves
7 Strawberries hulled and sliced
Wedge of Lemon and Basil stalk for garnish

Instructions Place a fine mesh sieve over a bowl. Mash fresh strawberries into juice bowl. Add ice to a chilled copper mug or highball glass. Add strawberry juice, vodka and lime juice. Cut Thawed berries into small pieces and put them in. Top off with ginger beer. Last place a lime & strawberry skewer to garnish.
How It Feels Like Moscow Mule, which is made with strawberries, give the drink a tang and sweetness. Thawed strawberries ensure your drink keeps cool during sipping. Strawberry Moscow Mule Cocktail is refreshing for every weekend in the rest of your summer time.
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Watermelon Moscow Mule

Watermelon Moscow Mule

Fresh watermelon
1.5 oz vodka
1 small lime, juiced
ginger beer
1/2 shot (0.75 ounces) ginger syrup
mint, for garnish
Instructions Muddle a few chunks of fresh watermelon in bottom of glass in to juice . Combine watermelon juice, vodka, and lime juice into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake well, Strain into a solid copper mug filled with ice. Top with ginger beer. Garnish with mint and a small piece of watermelon and enjoy!
How It Feels Like Add watermelon juice for more summer style and decease the total amount of vodka.Enjoy the flavors of summer with a cool and refreshing drink using a combination of fresh watermelon, lime, ginger and mint.It is the perfect cocktail to sip on a warm summer night when you want dessert and a cocktail all at once.
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Blueberry Moscow Mule


Filtered water Ice Cubes:crushed
Half lime
1 tsp of brown sugar
2oz of fresh blueberries,
7-10 mint leaves,
Ginger Beer
Your Old&Urban Moscow Mule Mug

Instructions Blueberry Syrup:Put blueberries, sugar and water in a saucepan. simmer for 10 minutes with low heat. Strain syrup through strainer then put it into refrigerator for about 1 hour to cool.
Fill copper mugs with ice. Squeeze half a lime into each mug. Add vodka and 2 oz. chilled blueberry syrup, less if you do not want it very sweet, into mug.
Top with ginger beer and Stir. Garnish with lime wedge and blueberries. Enjoy!
How It Feels Like Compared with the original Moscow Mule this Blueberry Mule sweetens things a little bit. You can make blueberry skewers with wood for garnish and for more blueberry flavor you can add some Blueberry Syrup.
It is definitely another summer Mule!
Recommend For

Pomegranate Moscow Mule


2 ounces Pearl Pomegranate Vodka
3 ounces pomegranate juice
Juice from ½ a lime
12 ounces Ginger Beer
Pomegranate arils and lime wedges for garnish

Instructions Combine all vodka, juices, and ginger beer and pour over ice. Use Moscow Mule Copper Cups for some added fun.
Garnish with Pomegranate arils and lime wedges if desired.
How It Feels Like The pomegranate has a pop of Christmas colors and it is the perfect compliment to the crisp ginger beer.
Pomegranate Moscow Mules are the perfect Winter Cocktail! It’s light and refreshing and can save the heavy stuff for all the comfort food you’ll be eating. Celebrate the holidays with this amazing cocktail!
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Hibiscus Berry Moscow Mule


1/2 ounce hibiscus leaves
1.5 ounces vodka
3/4 ounce Hibiscus Berry syrup
0.5 ounce Aperol
Ice cubes
1.5ounces chilled ginger beer
1 medium lime for serving

Instructions Add a few ice cubes to a Tom Collins or other tall, narrow glass then add vodka, Aperol, Hibiscus Berry Syrup, and a few lime slices. Top with ginger beer, stir, garnish and enjoy
How It Feels Like Hibiscus flavor is apparent with the combination of berries.The color is excellent within a Tom Collins or other tall, narrow glass
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Cucumber Moscow Mule


2 oz. cucumber vodka
Juice of 1/2 lime
4 oz. ginger beer
1 small Persian cucumber, sliced into spears
Fresh basil leaves for garnish

Instructions Take half of the cucumber and fresh basil. Muddle it a highball with the lime juice. Add the vodka, top it with the ginger beer.Garnish with garnish with cucumber spears and basil leaves.
How It Feels Like This Cucumber Moscow Mule is all kinds of refreshing and delicious and is seriously one of the most perfect Summer Cocktail! Cheers!
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Garden Mule

Garden Mule

1 oz. vodka1 oz. lime juice
Ginger beer
Couple slices cucumber
8 blueberries
3 mint leaves, plus a sprig for garnish
1 piece candied ginger for garnish
Instructions Muddle cucumber, blueberries and mint leaves in a cocktail shaker. Add ice cubes, vodka and lime juice then shake the shaker until you see a condensation coat of the outside. Put what you make into a copper mug. Top it with ginger beer. Garnish with mint leaves,cucumber piece and remaining blueberries and serve.
How It Feels Like Add cucumber, blueberry ginger mint leaves to the Mule. Decrease the amount of Vodka for less calories and healthy. Requires a little muddling. It is fresh, fun, and has the gorgeous purple color. Just the thing for summer. Chilly Garden Mule is perfect when heat of August is coming.
Recommend For

Peach Basil Moscow Mule


1.5 oz vodka
0.5 oz lemon juice
1 oz peach basil vinegar
0.5 oz basil simple syrup
1.5 oz chilled ginger beer

Instructions Fill copper Moscow mule cup with ice cubes. Pour in lemon juice, vodka, peach basil vinegar and simple syrup. Stir well and top with ginger beer. Serve immediately!
How It Feels Like Peach basil Moscow Mule is spicy and has got a real fun kick to it. If you’re a basil lover like me, then you’ve just got to try it.
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Apple Cider Moscow Mule

Apple Cider Moscow Mule

1.5 oz apple-flavored vodka fresh apple cider
ginger beer
apple slices & thyme to garnish
Instructions Fill a highball glass (copper Moscow Mule mugs are even better) with ice.
Pour apple vodka into each glass and top with ginger beer and apple cider.
Garnish with thyme and apple slices. Enjoy
How It Feels Like Add apple cider to the Mule to make a slightly sweeter. Decrease the total amount of vodka.The addition of apple cider pairs perfectly with this spicy Mule and gives it a little fall makeover.
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Orange Moscow Mule

Orange Moscow Mule

2 oz. orange-flavored vodka(Stolichnaya)
2 oz. fresh squeezed tangerine or orange juice
1 ounce fresh squeezed lemon juice
Ginger beer
Candied ginger,orange and mint for garnish

Instructions Pour vodka and orange juice into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake for a few seconds and pour over ice into an 16 oz. copper mugs. Top with spiced orange ginger beer
How It Feels Like Using orange vodka, Spiced Orange beer, fresh orange juice and a fancy burnt orange garnish. The taste is all crisp citrus and ginger, perfect for October
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Peach And Ginger Mule

Peach And Ginger Mule

1 oz vodka
0.5 oz peach schnapps
0.5 oz Grand Marnier
1/2 ripe peach
1/2 juicy lime
12 oz can of ginger beer
Instructions In a large cocktail shaker muddle, 4-5 lime wedges, 1/2 of a diced ripe peach and peach schnapps.
Muddle until peaches are completely mashed.
Add a handful of crushed ice and 1 ounce vodka to shaker.
Swirl ingredients for approximately 5 seconds.
Pour out contents of shaker into glass. Add ice to fill.
Fill remainder of glass with ginger beer leaving a little bit of room. (this amount will vary with glass size).
Top with .5 ounces of Grand Marnier
How It Feels Like Peach Moscow Mule takes the refreshing flavors of a Moscow Mule and adds a fresh peach flavor that really makes it a refreshing summer cocktail.
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Holiday Mule

Strawberry Moscow Mule Cocktails

1/2 oz simple syrup
1/2 oz unsweetened cranberry juice
1 1/2 oz gin or vodka
2 oz chilled ginger beer
1 rosemary sprig
orange slice, for garnish
sugared cranberries, for garnish

Instructions Combine simple syrup, cranberry juice, and gin. Pour over ice and top with ginger beer. Serve garnished with rosemary, orange wedge and sugared cranberries, if desired.
How It Feels Like This festive Moscow Mule twist updates the traditional Summer refresher for cooler weather.
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End of this post and start of your own Mule

Try this guidance to make your delicious Moscow Mule. Maybe you can make a wonderful personalized cocktail to give a splash to all your friends next party.

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