Making Moscow Mule with our detailed instructions

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How do you Make a Moscow Mule

Making Moscow Mule may never seem complex. On the contrary How to make Moscow Mule is always simple. To to make a normal Moscow Mule you just simply mix Vodka  lime juice and ginger beer then it is done. And the taste for this Moscow Mule is good as well.

But as a Moscow Mule fan you cannot be satisfied with this casual style. We can do much better than that. The following is a highly detailed step by step guidance about how to make a wonderful craft Moscow Mule. Just go through all steps you will find something are different compared with your previous Moscow Mule making methods.


Crush ice cubes and drop into the Boston shaker. You actually might add more or few ice as you opt for in this drink. You will not put all the ice cubes into your shaker at one time.

ice cubes


Squeeze the juice directly from the lime onto the ice in the shaker glass. fresh lime juice will also work .

 Squeeze lime for Moscow Mule

STEP Three

Add your 2 ounces of Vodka into the shaker glass. You can add as much or little vodka as you prefer into the glass.

Pour Vodka as you wish


Add your Ginger Beer into the shaker glass. In most recipes, this is where you are going to add to taste. You can add the directed amount or add until you get the taste that you desire.


Step five

Combine the ingredients with each other completely. You can use a spoon or straw. A cocktail shaker  can help  to mix your Mule evenly and quickly. So to help to keep it cold.

A cocktail shaker  can help  to mix your Mule evenly and quickly STEP six

Strain the drink into the copper mug . You can use all of the ice or part of the ice into your cup.


STEP seven

Make your drink garnished with a cucumber or you can give an cumber to the rim of your glass. It will give your drink a festive, yet elegant look and help the drink with a different taste.A Moscow Mule you like is finished

Final STEP

Sit back and enjoy Moscow Mule!

This is how we make Moscow Mule. These steps ensure you get a different version of Moscow Mule.  You are guaranteed a Moscow Mule that matches those from professional cocktail Bars.

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