Moscow Mule has a new life

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The Moscow Mule originated in the late 30s/early 40s, its recipe brings together three flavors:Vodka ginger beer and lime into one classic classic cocktail.the traditional service is in a copper mug, to make it easily identifiable, and the common garnish is the lime wedge. Vodka quickly surpassed gin as the preferred white spirit in North America soon after the introduction of Moscow Mule.

Old Dutch Hammered copper mug2



the drink fell off the map with the formation of the beginning of the Cold War and the Second Red Scare. It was at this time that light rum would become fashionable, leading to the rise of the Cuba Libre in America.


The Moscow Mule is a charmingly typical cocktail that gives you a refreshing feeling. This drink is favorite of Oprah Winfrey mine

As a charmingly cocktail gives refreshing feeling,the Moscow Mule is my favorite drink.

Ginger beer, which is non-alcoholic “root beer” having a sweet flavor and mostly found in organic grocers. Moscow Mule drink is simple to prepare, smooth, and refreshing. It is less harmful compared to other drinks.

Utilizing the non-alcoholic ginger beer as the main ingredient,Moscow Mule is more healthy and less harmful compared with other drinks

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