There is no limitation of Moscow Mule ingredients

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In the beginning Moscow Mule has no complex ingredients, it is just a drink made from ginger beer, vodka, and lime. As the most popular comeback cocktail the traditional Moscow Mule attracts us with its simplicity, elegance and perfectly complimenting flavors.Basic_Moscow_Mule_Ingredients

Basic Moscow Mule ingredients:

Smirnoff Vodka

Smirnoff is the first choice of vodka for authentic Moscow Mule, and the higher quality vodka, as the main ingredient, it has the more pleasant experience you will have with the drink.

Cock ‘n’ Bull Ginger Beer

The second important ingredient is ginger beer, not ginger ale, which will determine the kickness of your final product. The original ginger beer is from Cock ‘n’ Bull bar, the place Moscow Mule had its birth, and it possesses stronger ginger scent, less spiciness, and a more clear appearance than others. 

Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice

For some Moscow Mule fans there is nothing else better than pure, freshly squeezed lime juice that would neutralize the spiciness of Vodka and ginger and give the freshness they like.

A solid unlined 100% copper mug

Everyone knows now Moscow Mule should come with a 100% copper mug, this is why and why not? For someone Moscow Mule is just the reason or excuse to buy these super cute hammered copper mugs  they are traditionally served in.

These are all necessary ingredients to make this fizzy, tangy, and a little bit sweet cocktail in the hot summer.

Moscow Mule ingredients Alternatives

Even though the classic Moscow Mule has a wonderful recipe, there are so many potential ingredients than can make Moscow Mule better. The best thing about this cocktail is, as previously stated, its versatility when the ingredients are changed out. For a more Caribbean flavor you can substitute half of the vodka for spiced rum, or even add in a splash of gin to give it a more English feel. It’s all about your tastes. Adding a little fruity sweetness with apple, orange, cranberry or other berries or syrup is encouraged. Just make sure  not to increase the fruit juice content too much, so as not to unbalance the drink, but get it right and you have a slight twist on a classic Moscow Mule. Shaking up with bourbon instead of vodka to give more refreshment is welcomed as well. There is no limitation of Moscow Mule ingredients.

You can just switch things up as you will. That is the best thing about some cocktails, in my opinion at least, it is the same with the Moscow Mule. Then We will all have our own favorite Mules with our own unique recipes to prepare them.

Alcoholic drink than can act as an alternative of Vodka

Vodka_Gin_Bourbon_moscow_mule_ingredient Replace Vodka with Glacier Dew,made from the pure glacial water, you get a Western Montana Mule.

Choose Dolin Rouge sweet vermouth or Ty Ku sake instead of Vodka you get a Pan-Asian twist on the Moscow Mule: Shanghai Mule.

Use Gin instead of Vodka you create Gin Gin Mule, which is the signature cocktail of Bew York City’s Pegu Club.

The Kentucky Mule is basically a southern version of the Moscow Mule. Swap the vodka for bourbon you get a delicious meeting of spicy taste of ginger beer and bourbon’s sweetness.

Switching the vodka with a highland Scotch whiskey, using Peychaud’s bitters instead of Angostura Bitters, and using basil rather than mint. You will get a

SCOTTISH MULE, the most sticky twist of original Moscow Mule.

See more detailed recipes in this post.

Ginger beer

Ginger_beer_ginger_aleAs the second most important Moscow Mule ingredient ginger beer can also be replaced by Ginger ale, sometimes you can also luster it with ginger syrup.

Fruits that can replace the role of lime

This is where the imagination expands. You can add strawberry, water melon, blueberry, pomegranate, hibiscus, apple, orange, peach basil and other fruits to add unique taste to your own Moscow Mule. You may also adjust your recipe with granulated sugar, soda water or other new special ingredients that can extent our knowledge of this Mule drink.

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