Old Dutch Solid Copper Mugs: Not Only a Trade Mark for Moscow Mule

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Old Dutch Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

Old_Dutch_Solid_Copper_Moscow_Mule_MugsMoscow mule mugs have always been considered as the trade mark of Moscow Mule. A fresh combination of Vodka and ginger beer makes the best beverage for a hot summer holiday. Old Dutch is company specialized in manufacturing solid copper mugs and other copper accessories. Their copper Moscow Mule Mugs is of good quality and very affordable price. These solid copper are lined with nickel, which is one of common metals for this aim. The others are silver and tin. Copper lining interior may wear out with time, especially used by those who have little knowledge about maintenance of copper items. They just want the convenient tool of the copper mugs but be tired with the necessary cleaning and drying process.

Why solid copper mugs are so cool for Moscow Mule


Moscow_ Mule_copper_mugs Everyone who has experienced a Moscow Mule within cooper mugs will have a clear expression of cool filling the mug gives. But why, because copper is the best heat conductor utilized in modern commercial cookware. For this respect silver is the only one can compete with it. Stainless steel or glass is just 10-20% of copper’s capacity. This is why you get the icy feeling from the bottom of your heart the moment your lips touch the copper mug.

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How to use and keep your solid copper mugs

Beside from some hand hammered thick copper mugs. Other copper mugs are all lined. The lining interior is important for prevention of copper toxicity. For pure copper may react with acidic component such as wine. I will very much like to use them. They keep a drink cold. Nevertheless, they are not always good for all drinks.

These Moscow Mule mugs require care. You would better wash copper mugs in hot, soapy water and dry immediately with a towel.  Copper is very malleable metal very venerable to scratch. Avoid using steel wool. To keep an exposed copper exterior looking new, use a copper polish or a combination of lemon and salt.

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Old_Dutch_Hammered_copper_mugs These Old Dutch solid copper mugs keep all your drinks super cold and look very stylish when serving to guests. They have very high quality and perfect sizes. They don’t seem to sweat on the bottom either as other copper cups seem to do. Excellent and very well made. In addition, 24oz copper mugs set are recommended for having enough space to mix a full Moscow Mule.

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