What Else Drinks Rather Than Moscow Mule can Be Put in Copper Mugs

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What drinks in copper mugs

What else drinks can be put into a copper mug rather than Moscow Mule? We all know that copper mug is the perfect partner for Moscow Mule. What you neglect is it also suits for most cold beverages(excluding acid ones). Compared with other types of drink cups like plastic or other metals, copper ones can keep your drink more colder and give more pleasant feeling of your lips.

mosocow mule with copper mug

copper keep ice from melting

The high thermal conductivity copper has is the just why. It gives the copper mug the capability not only to keep ice from melting too fast in your cocktail and delay watering it down, but also involvement of an ionization process that can not be easily copied by lower thermal materials such as aluminum, brass, or nickel.

The fact copper cups can hold the temperature of Moscow Mule is definitely one reason of its popularity. But this does ot mean it is the only suitable drink for copper mug. One of the great features of a copper mug is the fact that it is so versatile. The copper brings out the taste of both summer and winter drinks – cold and hot beverages.

Copper mug also suits for other cocktails

It is no doubt that other vodka inspired drinks like Bloody Mary,Long Island Iced Tea and Screwdriver, can be presented and served in copper drinking cups. The interesting fact we found is hot beverages like, hot chocolate, tea, apple cider or coffee compatible with copper mugs as well. In this satiation you should be careful about the temperature. The riveted mug handle can prevent spillage and makes the drink easier to hold and sip some what.

Learn more about solid copper mugs

The more I know about the Moscow Mule the better understanding I get from it. Just like you don’t  have to be tied to the original recipe of Moscow Mule you don’t have to limitation of Moscow Mule ingredients. Nobody has set a prison of consumption to copper mug to only the famed cocktail. Whether its a Mint Julep, Rum Punch, Dark and Stormy, Screw Driver, Margarita, Greyhound, copper mug  has the freedom to be used in for all kinds of drinks you desire. And that is partly why we see mugs in bars, News Live show and even weddings.

montana mule in copper mugVersatility and broad appeal are a couple of the many benefits. Put Solid Copper Mugs in the hands of people that appreciate them as much as we do.


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