Paykoc Moscow Mule Copper mug: Personalization is Available

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The Moscow Mule copper mugs become as iconic as the drink itself.  In some legendary story of Moscow Mule history told us to promote sales of his new cocktail, Cock ‘n’ Bull restauranteur Jack Morgan had copper mugs engraved with the names of the Hollywood stars in his bar. When the celebs came in, they got a Moscow Mule served in their personalized mugs. Who wouldn’t love that? We, the Moscow Mule fans, also want some uniqueness with our copper mugs.

As a Moscow mule fans I used to modify the recipe to have personalized taste, I also want to collect some unique copper mugs. My collection is now over 100. If you want to have some for yourself. Paykoc will be a better source to get some unusual copper mugs. Mugs of this company are made of heavy weight Solid Copper with wonderful design and workmanship. They are very practical in keeping your drinks cold. The most important is that these mugs are of diverse shapes and logos to meet our personalized demands.

Traditional  Solid Copper Moscow Mule Mug

The mugs are exactly what you thought a copper mug would be: a plain, classy look, vertical sides and comfortable riveted handles. These are something I highly recommend  to these who want some classic copper mugs.


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Solid Copper Moscow Mule Mug with Mule Logo


These mugs are made of nicely polished solid copper. Their distinguish mule logos are embossed with high quality handcraft. So they stands out in the category and add class to this classic cocktail. The most common Mule Mug in bars or restaurants.

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These mugs above have the normal shape. Paykoc also provide some different shapes copper mugs.

Steins Copper Moscow Mule Mug on Copper_Moscow_Mule_Steins

Barrel Moscow Mule Mug on


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