Sertodo Moscow Mule Mugs: Hammered Copper Handicraft

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Old Dutch Hammered copper mug2 Brief history of Moscow Mule

By simply mixing Smirnoff vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice over ice the creators of Moscow Mule created a legend in cocktail history. Ginger beer gives the light, bright taste to this cocktail while vodka makes it easy, smooth cocktail. Moscow Mule is the absolutely good mate for the warmer summers. This drink gained huge popularity among Hollywood stars in 1940s and 1950s, not only because the taste but also those copper mugs with their own names provided by Cock ‘n’ Bull restaurant. As a born container for this beverage Moscow Mule mug turned as iconic as the drink itself.

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Sertodo hammers copper moscow mule mugs

kitchendining Sertodo Copper is a company located in Austin. It is an international cooperative of master copper artisans. Its workshops are assigned in the US and Mexico. The Moscow Mule copper Mugs made by this manufacturer are all hammered with solid copper. Hammering is a time consuming and high demanding process. There are so much hand work need for the manufacturing of a wonderful copper cup. Those heavy and thick hand hammered copper mugs has always been considered the highest quality artifacts in this category.

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Hand hammered copper sheet has unique indentation all through it, which is helpful for circulation of air and heat. That hammered copper surface is unlikely to be scratched as smooth rolled one. They have distinctive hammered style and superior quality. By getting these hammered Moscow Mule mugs, you also gain the guarantee of service through generations.

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Reviews by Other People

I looked through some reviews online like Amazon and found that Sertodo Moscow Mule Mug, Hammered Copper rated rather highly by the users

  • I only recently discovered the awesome Moscow Mule beverage, but it did not take long to learn that you MUST drink it in this Sertodo copper mug.
  • There is nothing wrong with this product. It is truly a Moscow Mule fan’s delight!
  • These mugs turned out to be so beautiful and well made. They also come with a story about Sertodo and their handcrafted copper products.


Sertodo_copper_Moscow_Mule_mugs If you feel like to make Moscow Mule for a party at your place, this Sertodo copper mug is sure to make you feel like a professional bartender. Any friend attended will be delighted with the feeling they get from your mugs. From all the information that I was able to collect from my research, this is a perfect product for you if you are planning to buy a full set of Moscow Mule mugs.

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  1. Robin Peterson 05/20/2015 at pm3:22 - Reply

    I saw on this website the little sets to come in the box for the Moscow Mule where do I order this from I would like to get a set for my husband for Father’s Day thank you very much.

    • moscowmuleadmin 05/25/2015 at am5:58 - Reply

      This is a specialized edition for Moscow Mule you can find them on Amazon and the manufacturer’s homepage

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