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In order to enrich this Moscow mule site and gather information about this mule drink we GoMoscowMule.com will have a new movement!


  • We recommend our readers to write about their own experience of Moscow Mule. You can write about:
  • Your own Mule recipe or how other Moscow mule variations taste like?
  • What is different between traditional Moscow Mule and other Mules ?
  • Tips that can make a Moscow Mule better.
  • Talk about your local bars that provide good quality Moscow mule.
  • Personal stories about when and where you begin to love this cocktail and why?
  • Or any other thing we don’t  know but you want to say about Moscow Mule.

At the end of this activity, the winner will get a set of 2 solid hammered copper mugs, 18 ounces, made by Sertodo Copper. Trust me this is the top quality one you can get.


This Write Moscow Mule Win Copper Mug activity begins now and will end 2 months later and depending on the response maybe continue on in the future.

Articles for this activity will be listed in a new category "Me and Moscow Mule".

Content requirement:

Your article should content at least  200 words and some pictures and your bio information will be welcome. Containing at least 2 photos larger than 600*400 pixels will have more chance to win.

The Gomoscowmule.com have all the rights to explain the rules and the final results.

You can send the article to admin@gomoscowmule.com

Writer Moscow Mule! Win Copper Mug!

A new couple choose Moscow Mule for their wedding.

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  1. Viv 11/15/2016 at am10:42 - Reply

    I make my Moscow mule with lime Smirnoff and Jamaican ginger beer ,garnished with lime and cranberries for a festive touch !!
    I really need those free mugs to serve them in !!

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